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State Level Practices to Recruit, Prepare and Retain Special Educators and Related Service Providers

PIC Holds National Summit on Increasing State Capacity to Address Special Education Personnel Needs

The Personnel Improvement Center at NASDSE hosted a National Summit on May 15, 2013, in Dallas, TX that brought together 15 states to discuss best practices in personnel data management, preparation program partnerships with local school districts, and recruitment and retention of fully certified personnel for students with disabilities. Eleven states made up four panels of presentations. View the presentations here by clicking on the state name:

Personnel Data Management: Florida; Minnesota; South Dakota

Personnel Preparation Program Partnerships: Oklahoma; Utah; West Virginia

Recruitment: Arizona; South Carolina

Retention: Georgia; Kansas; Maryland; Utah

State Case Studies on Best Practices

Technology Use for Recruitment and Retention Initiatives

In this case study you will learn how four states are using new technologies to recruit and retain special education personnel. Read the study here.

State-Initiated Grow Your Own Programs

In this case study you will learn how three states are supporting initiatives that will produce new qualified special education personnel from within their own communities. Read the study here.

Webinars on Best Practices by States

Mentoring and Induction Guidelines: Pilot Study in Georgia

Learn about the excellent work that has been done by the Georgia DOE in developing, implementing and evaluating a special education-specific new teacher mentoring/coaching pilot program in three local districts. View the webinar here.

Assessing and Supporting New Special Education Teachers in the their Professional Growth

Hear from the creators of an innovative support network, who have integrated CEC standards with INTASC standards into their online rubric, intended to both assess and support new special education teachers in their professional growth.  View the webinar here.

National Center to Inform Policy and Practice (NCIPP) Releases Description of Model Induction Programs

NCIPP created program descriptions for three innovative districts with induction and mentoring programs targeted at beginning special education teachers. Program descriptions were the result of extensive interviews with mentors, beginning teachers, principals and program administrators, as well as program data analysis and videos of mentoring sessions.

New Publications from PIC and Project Forum

A Multi-State Webinar on State Level Practices

The Personnel Improvement Center and Project Forum presented a free webinar on State Level Strategies for Recruiting and Retaining Special Education and Related Service Personnel on February 22, 2011. There were 190 participants who heard state level staff from AZ, CA, KS, LA, NC, ND, SC and UT discuss 10 strategies they have found effective in recruiting and retaining personnel. Below is the webinar presentation, other supporting documents and resources, including the survey and interview reports that have more detailed information than is covered in the webinar slides.

Click here to view presentation.

Arizona Resources

North Carolina Resources for Higher Education Recruitment Campaigns

South Carolina Resources

  • South Carolina Project CREATE Materials
  • South Carolina Center for Educator Recruitment, Retention, & Advancement (CERRA)
    The purpose of the Center for Educator Recruitment, Retention, & Advancement (CERRA) is to provide leadership in identifying, attracting, placing and retaining well-qualified individuals for the teaching profession in our state. In doing so, CERRA will respond to changing needs for teachers from underrepresented populations, in critical subject fields and in under-served geographical areas in South Carolina. The Center will work cooperatively with other organizations to promote the teaching profession.

California Resources

  • TEACH California
    This site provides you with the information you need in order to become a credentialed teacher in California.   It   is an excellent example of a state website that features a lot of information about how to become a special education teacher.

State Presentations at the U.S. Department of Education's Office of Special Education Program's Mega Leadership Conference: August 2010

Louisiana's Presentation

Staff from the Louisiana DOE presented a review of the Department's best practices in recruiting, preparing and retaining special educators and related service providers.

Maryland's Presentation

Staff from the Maryland DOE presented a review of the Department’s  best practices in recruiting, preparing and retaining special educators and related service providers.

North Carolina's Presentation

Staff from the North Carolina DOE presented a review of the Department’s  best practices in recruiting, preparing and retaining special educators and related service providers.

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